Dear Fellow Members of Norwegian Commercial Club:                                    
Have you noticed the days are getting longer and venues are beginning to open?  That is great news for many people in our community.

Yet, as we all know, COVID has had a drastic effect on many people and organizations, especially those providing much needed services to those less fortunate.  Examples are the Norse Home, the Ballard Food Bank, the Leif Eriksen Lodge among others.  In the past, NCC has made donations to the entities in order to assure their continued operations.

This year, due to NCC's inability to generate funds, it is necessary to cut back on our donations. Yet, all is not lost.  Our board has developed a matching funding plan to lessen the impact of this shortfall.  Simply stated, NCC will match dollar for dollar up a maximum of $2500 for donations specifically dedicated to these programs.

In order to facilitate your donations, we have opened a special PayPal account where you can easily make a donation to these worthy causes.  Our treasurer will track these donations, allocate the matching funds and distribute them at the proper time.  To make a donation, simply click on the button below.

Thank you in advance for helping our neighbors and preserving the Norwegian Spirit of Giving.

Your truly,




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