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Fishermen's Night 2022
was a success! 


Join us for NCC's Annual Fishermen's Night!
 December 14th, 2023 for our 71st event
Honoring the members of the Pacific Northwest Fishing Industry


SAY, WHAT?:  NCC's 71th Fishermen's Night

WHEN: Thursday, December 14th

WHERE: For the second time, we will hold the event at the
              Ballard Elks,  6411 Seaview Ave NW.

PRICE:  $75 per person

ON THE MENU: An amazing collection of seafood including some Golden King and Bairdi Crab, plus an assortment of smoked black cod, shrimp, deep fried true cod, smoked salmon and of course… pickled herring!

WHERE DO I GET TICKETS:  Right here (see below) or at the Ballard branch of Mountain Pacific Bank, Pacific Fishermen and Lunde Electric.
tickets go on sale November 9, 2023

Award pic 1.jpg
king neptune_edited.jpg
Past winners of our King Neptune Award
1995                  Dr. Ole A. Mathiesen
1996                  Harold Lokken
1997                  Peter G. Schmidt
1998                  Robert M. (Bob) Thorstenson, Sr.
1999                  Bart Eaton
2000                  Dr. Dayton Lee Alvorsen
2001                  Tink Mosness
2002                  Dave LeClercq
2003                  Wally Pereyra
2004                  Robert Alvorsen
2005                  Kaare Ness
2006                  Anne Mosness
2007                  Chuck Bundrant
2008                  James Cole
2009                  Senator Ted Stevens
2010                  John Bruce
2011                  Gary Stauffer
2012                  Captain Ivar Reiten
2013                  Warren Aakervik, Jr.
2014                  Magne Nes
2015                  Cary (Kare) Swasand
2016                  Dennis Peterson
2017                  John Sjong, Erik Breivik & Konrad Uri and their F/T Arctic Trawler
2018                  Tor Tollesson
2019                  U.S. Senator Patty Murray & U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell
2022                  John Douglas Dixson
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