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The NCC was born during the Great Depression. A group of men of Norwegian descent were all members of an organization called the Odinian Society, which was limited to Norwegian Masons. To broaden the base of their prospective membership, it was decided that the Norwegians should form a group to help each other. Counsel Eli Paulson drew up the Articles of Incorporation and 69 members signed. The meetings were held in the Gowman Hotel, at 2nd & Stewart in downtown Seattle.


Eventually, the  Club moved to the Norway Center and membership grew steadily.

The prime attraction for the attending members was the social hour, where Old Crow and Old Granddad seemed to be the favorites. These days, it’s apparently McNaughton’s.  At one meeting, Rangval Flakstad, an importer, decided to treat the members to Aquavit and Norwegian beer. That meeting ended in what is politely described as “utter confusion.” Another attraction were the poker games which followed every meeting.

Over the years, our membership has included mayors, councilmen, governors, congressmen, senators and kings. Valdemar Holm was treasurer for many years. Valdemar was succeeded by Fred Scheel who held the position so long, that they made him an honorary life member. Member Allen Pomeroy was also Mayor of Seattle and later, U.S. Attorney for Western Washington. Dr. K. Falkenberg, membership chairman for many years, was the most beloved. Whenever a guest was introduced at our meeting, he’d present him with a membership card. Thanks to him, we became a viable organization, now with a membership exceeding 400.

The proudest days of the NCC have been those when the committees functioned well. Frode Frodeson was in charge of Civic Affairs and our club was represented well at most of the Chamber of Commerce and Port Commission meetings. The efforts of the NCC were instrumental in getting the Shilshole Marina built. Our Fisheries Committee has done valiant work on Fishermen’s Night and many students have benefited from the work of our scholarship committee. Over the years, we’ve present scholarships in the tens of thousands of dollars. Most of that money is generated on Fishermen’s Night, always held the second Thursday in December, where the prestigious King Neptune Award is presented.




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