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Membership to Norwegian Commercial Club

Club shall consist of business people, professional people and others of recognized high standing and attainment.


New Members

The Membership Secretary shall review the qualifications of the applicant with the Membership Committee and the Board, and request approval of the application  from the Board of Trustees (the Board). Approval shall be evidenced by the signature of at least three Trustees. Failure to obtain this minimum number of signatures shall constitute rejection of the application. The application shall be retained by the Membership Secretary and be made the basis of the membership record.


Membership Renewal

Existing Members of good standing may renew their membership here.


Membership Reinstatement 

 A former member may be reinstated by payment of regular dues for the current year and for the last previous year. If the membership was terminated by resignation while the member was not delinquent, they may be reinstated by the payment of dues for the current year only. In each case the initiation fee shall be waived.

Other Membership Topics

Termination of Membership

Membership shall be terminated by resignation from the Club or by failure to remit dues as provided in Article X. Any member delinquent on August 31 of a year shall automatically cease to be a member, provided at least two notices of dues payable for such year were mailed to the member.

Honorary Members

By a majority vote of the Board and with the approval of the membership, any person deemed worthy may be elected to honorary membership at any regular meeting.

Life Membership

 Life membership may be conferred on any member who has been a regular member for 40 years.

Amendment to our terms of membership as of May 8, 2023.

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